Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 Related to Brain Performance

Folic Acid and vitamin B12 are associated with enhanced cognition in the elderly, according to a new study. We know that folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 help control homocysteine, which is not good for heart health or cognition. This study evaluated 274 elderly subjects and after 7 years, the subjects on the vitamins had better scores in mental speed and understanding, memory and verbal expression...or I guess you really know what you are talking about. In this test, they used a special form of B12 you just can't buy at any drugstore...but...we HAVE it...along with B6 and Folic Acid all in ONE!

What is the Foundation of “True” Wellness

As we know, there is an intimate link between digestive health and overall wellness. As the saying goes, health begins in the colon. We have heard the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." First and foremost, males and females alike are equally impacted emotionally by what they eat. The GI tract is reported to possess 70%+ of the body's serotonin and also 70% of the body's immune system. So, serotonin keeps you happy and your immune system keeps you might say the gut is responsible in keeping you "happy and healthy!" Does yours need a tune-up? Schedule an appointment today.

L-Theanine Promotes Relaxation and Attention

A recent study reports that L-theanine enhances attention, relaxation and reaction time. L-theanine is an amino acid found primarily in green tea. Previous research suggests that L-theanine gets into the brain and influences brain function. This amazing amino acid changes your brain waves to a relaxed state, in our experience, in about 3 days. It promotes attentiveness and relaxation without making you drowsy, but also promotes a more restful sleep. Stop in and learn how to get amazing results.

Xylitol Studied for Weight Management

Xylitol was recently shown to modulate lipid (fat) metabolism. Xylitol is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol that can be used as a sugar substitute. Unlike most sugars, xylitol has actually been shown to support oral health and prevent tooth decay. Previous research has also indicated that a xylitol metabolite is a key regulator of glucose metabolism and fat storage. This animal study showed healthier levels of "tummy" fat, plasma insulin, and cholesterol. Xylitol looks and tastes 80% as sweet as sugar and we carry it in bulk powder for cooking and packets for the purse.

Vitamin D Plays a Role in Mood Balancing

According to a new study, vitamin D is important for mood stabilization in post-menopausal women. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin involved in bone health, nerve and muscle function, immune function, and regulation of cell growth and normal, healthy inflammatory responses. The study found that women with a vitamin D intake of 800 IU per day or greater had an increased likelihood of optimal mood health compared to the women with less than 100 IU vitamin D intake per day.  Coach Maurer has research to show the higher the level of Vitamin D...the better and greater the that’s why we suggest 5000U per day.

Hectic Holidays causing Digestive Discomfort?

Rich, decadent holiday meals can be particularly difficult on some people’s digestive systems, causing occasional gas, indigestion, bloating, and constipation. All the holiday stress, antacids and stomach acid blocking drugs can make digestion a “chore.” Why not aid digestion the way God intended, by putting back some of the natural digestive enzymes! Coach Maurer has time-tested formulas with higher potencies and a broader ranges of digestive enzymes than other products. Stop in and see which product is right for you to bring back that holiday cheer.

Micronutrient May Improve Mood

Recent research indicates that intake of Lithium may decrease suicide risk in the general population. It is estimated that 26.2 percent of Americans suffer from mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. Furthermore, Lithium has been show to improve memory and Coach Maurer uses it to treat gout, it helps prevent crystals from forming and breaks up the crystals once they are formed...Stop by and for an inexpensive bottle of low dose Lithium and make your holidays Merry!

Nitric Oxide Involved in Healthy Blood Pressure

Neo40® Daily is scientifically developed for the nutritional maintenance of healthy nitric oxide levels. Research shows that nitric oxide production declines with age. Neo40®Daily is a supplement designed to promote healthy levels of this crucial signaling molecule. Healthy nitric oxide levels may facilitate maintenance of optimal blood pressure, wound healing and optimal triglyceride levels. It has none of the serious side effects of other blood pressure products (ED) and comes in a fast acting lozenge that levels can be measured through a simple saliva test. This enhances increased production of nitric oxide which is how drugs like Viagra and Cialis work. Having problems...see Coach Maurer 

Vitamin C and Vitamin E Enhance Respiratory Health

According to a recently published study, vitamin C and vitamin E support respiratory health. Vitamins C and E are antioxidants with immune-stimulating activity. The results of the study indicate that among women, the subjects with the greatest intake of vitamin C from food showed enhanced reported respiratory health by 31 percent compared to the women with lowest vitamin C intake. In the male subjects, respiratory health was better supported by 31 percent with supplemental vitamin C intake and by 44 percent with supplemental vitamin E intake. The study also concluded men ate less C than women. It’s hard to get all of our vitamins from food today...stop in for a good multivitamin.

B-Complex Studied for Work Stress

In a new study, researchers reported that B-complex vitamins enhance mood and modulate psychological strain related to work stress. The study authors state that occupational stress is greater than ever in Western societies and impacts individuals and communities on many levels. The study showed that the subjects who received the B-complex supplement reported enhanced mood and less personal strain compared to the placebo group, even after controlling for individual differences in personality and work demands. Coach Maurer sells complete Vitamin-Mineral complex vitamins that are also HIGH B-Complex, after switching customers almost always tell us they have more energy TOO!