Vitamin D for Hair Loss?

Vitamin D in optimal levels is important for alopecia (hair loss). A study showed total alopecia in human and animals without adequate Vitamin D receptor function. Vitamin D is required to make those receptors do their job. Optimal levels of D are important for hair more benefit added to the list of D. REMEMBER it takes all the vitamins and minerals plus proper fats, carbohydrates and proteins to make the body fix, repair and function properly. So, we really don't want to be low in any of is the time to come in and buy one of our HIGHEST quality products

Sunbathing ups men's testosterone

A spot of sunbathing may be just the thing to lift a man's libido, an Austrian study finds testosterone is boosted by vitamin D. The bulk of this essential nutrient is made by the skin on exposure to sunlight. The rest comes from the diet. A study of 2,299 men found those with enough of the vitamin had more of the male sex hormone than those with less. Staying indoors along with cholesterol lowering medications has helped make Low-T an epidemic in our society..don't have time to sunbathe...stop by and let us put you on the proper Vitamin D Oral supplement program to help raise testosterone and give your Immune system a "BOOST" for winter.

Magnesium & Blood Pressure

Magnesium has been studied widely in connection with blood pressure.  The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study showing a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure with an increasing dose of magnesium.  Some hypertensive patients cannot absorb magnesium properly, possibly adding to their high blood pressure. Don’t stress out over your magnesium absorption (that causes High BP also), Coach Maurer has a patented process to help you absorb your magnesium and one of the “good” side effects increases your energy!  Remember, nutrition always works for the good of your body.

Aspirin: More Harm than Good?

A recent article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reviewed various randomized studies with the aim of "assessing the impact (and safety) of aspirin on primary prevention heart and blood vessel disease." The authors concluded that: "Because the benefits are further offset by clinically important bleeding events, routine use of aspirin for primary prevention is not warranted and treatment decisions need to be considered on a case-by-case basis." Coach Maurer provides you safer and more natural ways to prevent heart disease. Nutrients such as CoQ10 for cardiovascular health and a balance of Vitamins B6, B12 and natural folates are essential for healthy blood vessels and homocysteine maintenance.

Eczema and Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics have been fairly well known for digestion. Probiotics and there benefits are reaching greater heights. The connection between the health of the digestive tract and skin related conditions like eczema have been identified by many but embraced by few. A Norwegian study in 2010 showed when mothers used probiotics during the last trimester of pregnancy and during nursing for three months after birth, eczema was reduced by 40 percent in children less than two years of age.  This is the first study to show a preventive effect when only the mother
took probiotics. These "good" bugs really do work hard for our health!

Bugs are Really Good for You

The average person's body contains about 100 trillion cells, but only maybe one in 10 is human! The human cells that form our skin, eyes, ears, brain and every other part of our bodies are far outnumbered by those from microbes; primarily bacteria but also viruses, fungi and a host of other microorganisms.
Modern trends such as diet, antibiotics, obsession with cleanliness and Caesarean deliveries  are disrupting this delicate balance, contributing to some of the most perplexing ailments, including asthma, allergies, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer and perhaps even autism. Stop by and see what a "bottle" of bugs can do for you!

Staying Healthy in Our Toxic World

In today's world we are exposed to more environmental chemicals and contaminants than ever before! Completely eliminating exposure to chemical hazards is certainly not easy, and probably not possible.  These last few weeks, I hope I armed you with an understanding of the dangers of these environmental  hazards, and the many health problems they cause. A comprehensive detoxification program is essential for successfully navigating our toxic world. If you want more detailed information on this subject, there is a great book available by Dr. Sherry Rogers called “Detoxify or Die.” Its good reading for those interested.

Why Detoxify...Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

One study recently in the news looked at POP levels in the U.S. food supply even though their use has been banned in food. This study, conducted by scientists at the University of Texas, showed that there are chemicals like Perfluourinated Compounds (PFCs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and pesticides like DDT found in all kinds of our food, All of these chemicals have been shown to have toxic effects, including decreased fertility, cancer, and hindered nerve development. The study found DDTs mainly in dairy products. The researches point out, we don't know the effects of being exposed to POPs for years. Why take a chance...another reason to detoxify...and get healthy to "live" life!

Why Detoxify...Organophosphates

Organophosphates are one of the many types of chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives. These insecticides, chemically similar to "nerve gas" used in WWII, kill insects by attacking their nervous systems. Organophosphates are used on farms as well as for home use to kill or repel mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other household and garden pests.  These chemicals have been known to cause serious health problems affecting normal brain, reproductive, and other body developments including cancer. Here is a good reason to stop by and see why we recommend fall and spring detoxification.

Cheap Jewelry and your Health

A recent research conducted in 6 US states showed presence of major toxic elements in low-cost children's and adult jewelry. These included lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chlorine (PVC) - which have been linked (in animal and some human studies) to acute allergies, delayed hypersensitivities and long-term health effects such as birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer. Over half of the products (most of them under $10) tested had a "high" level of concern due to the presence of one or more hazardous chemicals detected at high levels. If you break out with “cheap” jewelry...stop in and see us to detoxify.