perque-logoThe combination of our products and services represent the turnkey solutions to health and wellness in which PIH specializes. Our holistic approach to care means that individual needs are built into the design of our solutions, making PIH an effective partner no matter what the health care need may be.

If your health care practitioner does not sell Perque products or you decide to buy them from us, you must qualify by becoming a client or your health care practitioner MUST give us permission to send your requested products. Please send your health care practitioners: Name, Address and Phone Number and we will contact them...or...agree to become our client by talking with Fritz Maurer our practitioner on staff.

Perque Products can only be purchased after a consultation with Fritz. You will then get a special login where you can purchase the Perque line of products.

For more information please call toll free 1-800-359-3721.

You will not be able to view or order Perque products with out the special login.

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Activated B-12 Guard

PERQUE Activated B-12 Guard ยท In...

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